Ambassador to Cuba Lancelot Cowie talked to Prensa Latina about the raising relations between the both Caribbean countries.

Trinidad and Tobago plus Cuba are set to deepen ties plus engage in knowledge sharing in the area of food production and sustainable farming . The news comes from Trinidad plus Tobago’s Ambassador to Cuba, Lancelot Cowie , exactly who said that they are interested in strengthening meals industry relations with their Caribbean version, a “very experienced country around the matter. ”


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Cowie commented on the development while adoring Cuba’s achievements in urban plus suburban agriculture at the 21st Worldwide Food and Agriculture Fair (Fiagrop 2018) in Havana , Cuba . Cowie pointed to Cuba’s advancement within the use of natural fertilizers and other natural products as an area of particular curiosity.  

In past times , Cuba has sent specialists in vegetable production and other farming branches to Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean countries, and Cowie told Prensa Latina that the two-island nation hopes to expand that will partnership to cacao production.

An entrepreneurs delegation through Trinidad and Tobago visited Cuba in 2017 to promote bi-lateral partnerships in several areas including paint production along with other petrochemical areas.

Cowie thinks that the new flight paths between both countries will also donate to greater trade, as well as cultural exchange and tourism.

Fiagrop is a Cuban annual fair that intends to promote foreign investment in Cuban fields, business ideas, livestock and agricultural farming, and rodeo as a sport for ranchers.

The fair is occurring from March 17 to 25 in the Rancho Boyeros Fair Venue at Havana.

This season the Fiagrop has 226 exhibits , including exhibitors from Spain, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentine, Slovakia, Colombia, Uruguay, Guatemala, Costa Rica, america of America, Ghana, Antigua and Barbuda, Nigeria and New Zealand, besides exhibitors from all Cuban provinces.

The participation amounts to a 131 percent growth since 2017’s edition according to Aroche Rodriguez, director of the fair.

The fair is hosting conferences on cattle breeding, feeding and the production of organic products.

Besides agricultural projects and businesses, the fair also includes the National Rodeo Championship , with participants from the Villa Clara, Ciego de Avila and Santi Spiritus provinces, followed by an international rodeo competition with participants from Colombia, the U. S., Costa Rica and Cuba.

The closing ceremony on March 25 will include a showcase from the rodeo champions.