Cuban hitchhiking scheme is worth picking up | Letter

Mary Brown recalls an old Cuban practice, which the girl hopes could catch on somewhere else

I was delighted to read Daniel Boffey’ s article on hitchhiking ( Hitchhiking revival given the thumbs up to slice emissions , 28 September). I actually do hope this may catch on in the united kingdom. I have been thinking for some time that we require a campaign to bring back hitchhiking. A long time ago (before the death associated with Castro) I had a holiday in Cuba. There was a severe fuel lack, due to the US blockade. There, i was told, it was an offence to not pick up hitchhikers. Travellers could purchase a token which they gave to the motorist who redeemed it to help to cover the petrol. Could such a program, or the Brussels one, catch upon here? We could make a start whenever we all began hitchhiking, and uncovered why. Perhaps we could carry an indicator with our desired destination and “ reducing emissions” clearly on it?
Mary Brown
Stroud, Gloucestershire

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