Cuba: Castro vs the World review – a triumph of historical lighting

The conclusion of this two-part documentary charted the end of the Soviet Union towards the Clinton years and beyond, using the former US president joining a wonderful cast of talking heads

It’ s been such a long time since I experienced it – possibly personally or simply as a possibility within the wider world – that for the minute or two I couldn’ t identify the feeling that came as Cuba: Castro vs the World (BBC Two) concluded. It was, We realised after rummaging through remote memory, the sense of having turn out to be better informed about some element of the world rather than even more flailingly uncertain of it.

The 2 hour film, produced by Norma Percy (The Death of Yugoslavia, Inside Europe: Ten Years associated with Turmoil ) traced a brief history of Cuba from 1959, whenever “ the bearded men in the mountains” – led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara – vanquished US-backed military dictator Fulgencio Batista and began a trend that would prove it is not the size of your own country that matters, it’ s i9000 what you do with it.

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