Cuba a ' Champion' of Children' s Rights: UNICEF

Based on Unicef 99. 5 percent of Cuban children under six years of age go to an early childhood education program or even institution.

The particular United Nations Children Account , or  Unicef  , has declared Cuba  a ‘champion’ in kid’s rights.

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Marí the Cristina Perceval , the local director for Latina America and the Caribbean area, said, Cuba’s exemplary model of earlier education, “Educa a Tu Hijo (Educate Your Child), ” has been adopted by many other nations.  

Perceval, who produced the comments during a recent event within Cuba’s capital, Havana , also highlighted the substantial advances made by the country in wellness. The Caribbean nation was the initial to work towards the elimination of mother’s and child transmission of HIV / AIDS in 2015.  

Health and education policies make up the core of Cuba’s socialist applications. Cuba first initiated the interpersonal program focused on children’s well-being, twenty six years ago. The Unicef  in the region functions in collaboration with the government during these social programs.

The particular ‘Educate Your Child’ initiative encourages the role of family and local community in children’s formative years.   Through the program, the government also prioritizes the participatory methodologies and interpersonal commitment in the area of child development.  

“The government provides installed a mechanism for towns to not only deal with emergency circumstances, but also with other phenomena, with effectiveness, professionalism, and speed, ” Perceval added.  

“We are grateful to share this information which the education mechanism which incorporates the child years education, elimination of vertical transmitting of HIV, and prevention associated with teen pregnancies. Champions, champions, winners! ”

According to the 2016 Unicef report which cited the state statistics from the Ministry of Training, “There are more than 855, 500 children under six years of age within Cuba, of whom 99. 5% attend an early childhood education program  or institution. ”  

“Cuba has adopted an alternative approach to early childhood development (ECD), providing children under six plus their families with a system of integrated solutions that aims to promote the best come from life for all children and the optimum development of each child’ s possible, ” the particular report added.

Perceval also pointed out that communities possess played an essential role in “allowing with much humility to work on which is lacking, ” adding there is work to be done against sex violence in the region.  

“The Federation of Cuban ladies is immensely fierce, but we now have known that violent practices can occur in public spaces and have was adamant on eradication of all types of kid abuse in communities and organizations, ” The U. N. senori official added.