Carlos Acosta: ‘My mother roasted the pet rabbits. I was sad, yet I ate them’

The Cuban dancer talks about meals rationing, what he ate in ballet school and his father’ s i9000 terrible cooking

I always lived with rationing in Cuba – I was born within 1973. We used the term “ the three musketeers” to mean grain, chicharos [split peas] plus eggs, although at one stage eggs disappeared completely.

I had two rabbits because pets and I came home from school one day and there was clearly that smell I’ d nearly forgotten, of meat. Then I noticed that Mamá had roasted our pets and I cried a lot. Our mother pressed us to eat all of them and we all did. The rabbits tasted very good, obviously – I used to be a kid and I sort of got sidetracked. I was very sad, but We ate.

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