Cuban media have published new information on the inflow of American visitors to the island. According to the statistics, regarding 620 thousand Americans visited Cuba, despite the tightened U. S. sanctions. This is an increase of 217% when compared with 2016. The U. S. are usually thus the second biggest source marketplace after Canada. In total, tourism within Cuba recorded 4. 25 mil visitors last year, an increase of 19%.

Since the reorientation of the U. S. Cuba plan last June, the tone involving the two countries has worsened once again. New sanctions against the somewhat reduce tourism regime with Cuba had been introduced. Nevertheless, many Americans got the opportunity and boosted tourism within Cuba.

It was not merely purely tourist visits. There was furthermore an increase of visits of exiled Cubans in 2017 to 454 thousand people. This is a 38% enhance than in 2016. Canadians remain on best among foreign visitors, but the People in america and Cuban exiles are now within second place. Each fifth visitor to Cuba these days has US citizenship.

In the “ traditional” resource markets of tourism in Cuba, there were increases in France, Italia, Russia, Spain, Argentina and Brazilian. Above all, Russia registered a strong enhance of 68% with 100 1000 visitors. Despite the damage caused by storm Irma in October, Cuba could restore the tourism infrastructure very quickly and experienced a dynamic growth in the second half of the year, based on the Minister of Trade Manuel Marrero.