ALL OF US Group Examining Options to Boost Access to the internet in Cuba

A group commissioned by the govt of US President Donald Trump to advertise the flow of information in Cuba is examining options to increase Internet access on the island, a shift Havana has denounced as “subversive and interventionist. ”

Cuba Officially Protests US ‘Internet Task Force’

The Internet Task Force on Cuba, chaired by Deputy Assistant Admin for the Western Hemisphere John S i9000. Creamer, met on Wednesday the first time in Washington.

The main objective, according to a declaration released by the U. S. Section of State, is “helping the particular Cuban people to enjoy the flow of totally free and unregulated information. ” 

“The group will analyze during the next year the technological difficulties and the opportunities to expand Internet access within Cuba, ” reads the declaration.  

The Cuban government maintains that the group looks for to subvert order in the tropical isle and “results in a reissue associated with old plans whose antecedents get back to the very beginning of the revolution” in late 1950s, according to Granma, the newspaper associated with Cuba’s ruling Communist Party.

The government of President Raul Castro protested in January, once the formation of the Task Force was initially announced, describing it as an “interference” in Cuba’s internal affairs.

At the meeting in Wa, the group created two subcommittees: one particular in charge of exploring the role from the media and freedom of information within Cuba, and the other concerning Access to the internet on the island.

The particular subcommittees will provide the working team with a preliminary report with suggestions within six months. They are due to satisfy again in October to review the particular reports, as well as prepare a final textual content with suggestions for President Trump plus Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.