Salvadoran Officials Discuss Cuban Model of Worldwide Solidarity

Cuba’ s model of international solidarity was praised among El Salvador authorities Wednesday, with commanders raising the prospect of adopting this.


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Guatemalan researcher plus coordinator of the Guatemalan social business, Tzuk Kim-pop, Henry Morales, introduced findings on Cuba’ s solidarity efforts throughout the world to the Chancellery associated with El Salvador.

Morales highlighted the importance of Cuba’ s solidarity, especially in a world governed by unfulfilled international cooperations and agreements, and also aid packages that often have harmful conditions attached.

Based on Morales, if Cuba’s solidarity help were counted in monetary conditions, it would exceed US$71 billion bucks in just the 21st century.

The researcher added that Cuba’ s international cooperation responds in order to human needs and non-monetary passions, with exceptional quality of life on the tropical isle itself in the areas of health and education and learning, as surefire indicators of this.

Finally, Morales said that in contrast to other countries, Cuba’ s help and solidarity are far from interventionist, respecting the institutions of each nation.

Jaime Miranda, Este Salvador’ s deputy foreign ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) in charge of international cooperation, expressed that will El Salvador agrees on rethinking exactly what international cooperation looks like.


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“What recieve more impact, the work of medical brigades that save lives … or even other projects of limited interpersonal impact? ” said the Este Salvadoran diplomat.

Mouthpiece Damiá n Alegrí a, in the Salvadoran Movement of Solidarity along with Cuba , decided, adding, “Developed nations seem to contend for who is more good in the direction of people, but their help is trained and reverted in their own attention, to strengthen their own growth indications. ”