Brand new site seeks to offer patients within Latin America medical reports simply by specialists in the U. S.

An ambitious technology project assembled in Chile could offer Spanish-speaking cosmetic surgeons plastic surgeons who emigrated to the United States and feature not validated their diplomas offering U. S. authorities a chance to operate their profession.

The digital platform Intermeds wishes to offer patients in Latin Columbia the opportunity to have their medical records covered by specialists in the United States, said Carlos Araya, 43, a Chilean fabricant who started the project.

Financed with funds out of your Committee for Productive Development , which is part of the Economy, Development and as a consequence Tourism Ministry, in Chile’s Antofagasta region, the initiative could help that nearly 9 million people in your community on waiting lists to consult with specialists, my husband said.

Araya, who has a doctorate in laptop science, said the initiative in addition , could create an opportunity for Spanish-speaking employees in the United States who have not been able so as to re-validate their diplomas or are along the way of doing so. Many of them now operate jobs unrelated to their degrees.

The shortage of advisors and waiting list

In both the public and private health options of many Latin American countries, a few see general practitioners, undergo investigations and, if required, are then simply referred to specialists, Araya said.

But the shortage of health experts in isolated areas like Antofagasta in northern Chile, where Araya lives, makes for long waiting lists in addition to the patients often have to travel to the capital, Santiago de Chile, for the consultation they must acquire.

You have to accept an airplane, which costs which involves $250, find a place to stay, and all a computer device very expensive, ” Araya said after a visit to Miami. “ It would be a whole lot convenient if I could give most common medical records to a specialist in front of a much lower cost. ”

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Carlos Araya, 43, a Chilean entrepreneur who started all Intermeds project.

Mario J. Pentó m el Nuevo Herald

Patients who are not in a position to the trip to Santiago have no selection but to put their names around waiting lists. “ What happens is that the expecting list takes nearly two years, ” said Araya. “ A lot of people mehrere on the waiting list. ”

The problem is not outstanding to Chile, where about two million people are on waiting lists, Araya said. He found the same difficulty in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and various Latin American countries.

“ What we want to do is always resolve the problem, ” he had to talk about. “ What’s needed is the seasoned who can classify and diagnose. Other things flows from there. ”

Underused doctors throughout the U. S.

Searching for a solution, Araya proclaimed he found other countries “ that have the opposite situation, which is underused doctors in places with high concentrations of mit of immigrants, like the Latin U . s citizens who immigrated to the United States. ”

Many of those medical professionals “ have experience in their countries, the same as Cuban doctors, for example , and are in the operation of validating their degrees in order to work as doctors in the United States, but in which it process can take several years. ”

Miami alone recieve more than 8, 000 immigrant professionals, many of them specialists who want to work in most of their areas, according to Solidarity Without Runs along, a non-profit operating in Hialeah that helps immigrant health professionals.

Blocked from repeating medicine until they validate ones credentials, the immigrant doctors wrap up working in other areas in order to survive, discussed SWB founder Dr . Julio Capitular Alfonso. Intermeds is a good opportunity for the entire group, he said.

“ This is an excellent opportunity to being close to medical services, helping clients who need the assistance, ” said Alfonso. “ This is beneficial for the health professionals, apart from the money, a chance to remain parts of, gain experience and measure your presentation, which is essential. ”

The platform

Araya explained an Intermeds digital platform will be “ an information service for patients” who’ll be able to submit their medical registers, receive a second opinion and make their own personal decisions. “ The report is somewhat recognized technical information that allows the patient to mount a decision, but the patient must calm go to local doctors for treatment, ” he said.

The doctors who register from Intermeds will be able to review the medical related records on the Web, hold video meetings with the patients and issue avis without having to re-validate their diploma into the patient’s home country, Araya said. A laws of several Latin Western countries were reviewed and allow their arrangement, he said.

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Screenshot of Intermeds site.

But the deputy press secretary for their Florida Department of Health, Monique Dalton, told el Nuevo Herald that if the foreign doctors “ produce any task that would be considered the use of medicine they would have to be licensed to the Florida Department of Health. ”

Florida Règle define “ Practice of medicine” to be the diagnosis, treatment, operation, or else prescription for any human disease, aches, injury, deformity, or other corporeal or mental condition, ” Dalton said in an email.

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Hundreds of health professionals get a hold of at a job fair hosted a Solidarity Without Borders in Hialeah in 2014. Thousands of Florida migrants doctors are seeking to re-enter his or her own workforce.

Hector Gabino este Nuevo Herald

Araya said Intermeds “ is a method that seeks to provide a service in second opinions, and therefore is not measured medical practice since there will be absolutely no prescriptions or treatments for stricken people. It is a service to provide advice and even generate information. Ultimately, it’s a e book. ”

Currently the Intermeds platform does not seek to are able to provide telemedicine services, which involves a series of homologations and partnerships with hospitals, Araya said. In a second stage, “ it is being evaluated to make a commitment with a hospital or clinic regarding each country, so that the project could well advance into telemedicine, ” my friend said.


Araya stamped his project will likely be met with “ resistance, ” specially among the to deal with establishment.

“ This is similar to Uber, but upon the different scale. Innovation is always brushed aside by groups in power that notice that their privileges will be affected, ” he said. “ In this case these privilege is knowledge, the right pertaining to patients to be informed, to fully know precisely their condition and make the best all the questions possible. ”

The people and institutions who fight ? combat ? defy ? rebel ? go against sb/sth ? disobey the implementation of “ telemedicine” see it as a disruptive technology, dietary fad Juan Antonio Blanco, a former apoderado of the Center for Initiatives with regard to Latin America and the Caribbean available at Miami-Dade College who has researched hoaxes difficult.

“ For the innovative technology arrives, there’s always enemy, like what happened with Uber, ” Blanco said. “ There are individuals resist change and look for excuses in discredit it. When the Industrial Protection arrived there was also a rejection using the technology, of the machines. But succeed cannot be stopped. ”

The first phase

Ophthalmology is at the top of your waiting list in Chile, this is exactly why Araya and his team are looking for ophthalmologists from South Florida for the pilot cycle of their project. They also are in the over-all opening an office on Brickell Bayview, 80 SW Eighth St ., Range 2000, to receive phone calls and along with doctors.

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Screenshot of Intermeds site.

“ Excellent part of ophthalmology is that with 4 to 5 tests more than 99 percent when using the cases can be diagnosed, ” announced Araya. “ There can be very precisianistic tests, And it’s the specialty along with your longest waiting list. ”

Miami’s advantage is it has the same time zone as Republic of chile and that it has a high concentration involving immigrant doctors.

The consultations will cost patients $126.87, the average cost of a private visit on the inside Chile but without the transportation spending. The doctors will receive $16 after each report, and part of the rest of the financial will subsidize patients who are with the waiting list but have no money to buy a specialist — starting with the first on the waiting lines. Another a portion will be used to maintain the platform, said Araya.

“ The moment looking for doctors who want to help with a real social cause, ” he proclaimed. “ The focus is on serving these two groups, patients and such as a. At the same time, we seek a tray bird seed that is sustainable and does not depend on regime subsidies. ”

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