Brand new Documents of Che' s Journal in Bolivia Delivered to Cuba

A more complete version associated with Ernesto “Che”  Guevara’s journal in Bolivia had been delivered to Cuba by the Bicentennial Library Task of the Martí   Studies Middle in La Paz, Bolivia.  

Bolivia Commemorates Tania the Guerrilla, Revolutionary Who Struggled Alongside Che in Bolivia

The particular book includes improved newspaper photocopies, five public statements written by Che — one of which was published upon May 1, 1967 in Prensa Libre newspaper in Cochabamba — maps, covers of several notebook computers, a biographical synthesis of guerrilla members and other important documents.

Juan Ramon Quintana, Bolivia’s ambassador to Cuba, said the particular delivery of the newfound documents symbolizes a vital step in understanding the past plus present of the the Andean nation, according to Prensa Latina. He additional that the transfer held special which means for both the people of Bolivia plus Cuba.

“ The solidary and internationalist Che hails from all of us. This is closely linked to our own economic liberation process, to our accomplishments in health, education and learning , social programs that the actual population, ” Quintana said. He or she went on to affirm that Che’s legacy lives on in the past twelve years of Bolivia’s government, headed simply by President Evo Morales , where the people overcame the particular alienation of its majority Indigenous populace, foreign domination, manifest destiny composed in Washington and other groundbreaking encounters.

After his conversation,   Quintana also delivered a few additional notebooks kept by Che, as well as several newspaper facsimiles released at the time.

Cuba historian Froilan Gonzalez  thanked the motion “ at a time when the 165th wedding anniversary of the birth of (Cuba’s) national leading man, Jose Marti, is being celebrated. ” He also recalled that the first publication of Che’s diary, within 1968, represented a serious blow towards the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA , which tried to present lies into the text, as if Che had written them himself, by employing the team  of graphologists.

Frolian added that the newspaper clips  show  “ the true support from the Bolivian people to the guerrilla work. ”

Over fifty years back, Che launched a guerrilla movement within the South American country aimed at overthrowing the particular right-wing military regime of Rene Barrientos and establishing a socialist condition. In doing so, he helped develop the Ñ ancahuazú Guerrilla, also referred to as the National Liberation Army.

After months of combating against the U. S. -trained plus supported Bolivian Army, Che had been captured and executed on April. 9, 1967 at age 39 right after refusing to divulge information whilst being interrogated. It is widely  considered that Barrientos’ regime was advised by the CIA to hunt down plus kill Guevara.