Cuba’s vice president says U. T. reports of sonic attacks towards diplomats is a ‘tall tales’

In his most important speech up to now this year, the possible successor in order to Raú l Castro described claims made by the U. S. federal government of sonic attacks targeting almost two dozen of its diplomats positioned in Cuba as “ high tales. ”

“ Some spokespeople and the press lend themselves to propagating amazing tall tales, without any evidence, with all the perverse purpose of discrediting the flawless performance of our country, universally regarded as a safe destination for foreign guests, including Americans, ” First Vice-President Miguel Dí az-Canel said in the event held Sunday in Santa claus Clara for the 50th anniversary from the death of Ernesto “ Che” Guevara.

“ Overall, these events are a apparent example of what Che warned all of us: ‘… that you can’ t believe in imperialism, not even a little bit, not at all! ’ ” he added.

The thaw in relationships between the United States and Cuba has endured a severe blow following the Condition Department’s denunciation of health assaults against 22 of its diplomats within Havana. The crisis has boomed to epic proportions and now both embassies have decreased staff. The U. S. furthermore issued a travel warning in order to Americans advising them not to go to the island. New Treasury Department rules are also expected to make it more difficult with regard to U. S. companies to do company with Cuban companies controlled from the military.

Sunday’s speech also gave Diaz-Canel a chance to respond to President Donald Trump’s claims during the Hispanic Heritage Month occasion at the White House on Fri.

“ When i announced before a wonderful crowd within Little Havana earlier this year, we will not really lift sanctions on the Cuban program until it delivers full politics freedom for the Cuban people, ” Trump said. “ The same unsuccessful communist ideology that has brought oppression to Cuba has brought nothing but struggling and misery everywhere and everyplace it has been anywhere in the world.

“ Communism is the past; independence is the future, ” he mentioned.

Diaz-Canel’ ersus response: “ True to his heritage [in reference to Guevara] and Fidel’s, we reaffirm that Cuba will never make concessions inherent in its sovereignty and independence and will not bargain its principles or accept restrictions. The necessary changes in Cuba are now being decided in a sovereign way with the Cuban people. ”

Raú l Castro, who had been present at the Santa Clara occasion, delegated the main address to Dí az-Canel, who is emerging as the applicant to take over if the current Castro retires in February 2018, because promised. In public and private claims Dí az-Canel has done everything he is able to to banish the myth which he could be the reformer within the government that will lead Cuba to democracy. Most importantly, he has hinted that he does not assistance the rapprochement with the United States, a note aimed primarily at the hardliners within the Communist Party.

In a leaked video of a ending up in members of the Communist Party, Dí az-Canel said that Cuba did not need to “ give anything in return” to improve relations with the U. H. and that the process of normalization of relationships initiated by former President Barack Obama was just a “ various way” to attempt “ the damage of the revolution. ”