Cubans Nominate Candidates for National Set up Elections

Millions of Cubans representing municipal People’ s Power Assemblies are nominating candidates to run for the country’ s i9000 National Assembly.

Elections in Cuba: Like Nowhere Else!

Nationwide Candidacy Commission chief Gisela Duarte explained the voting process in order to Granma.

“At very first, the Assembly must approve the candidacy by a majority of the votes of these present, ” Duarte said.

“ Subsequently, the chief executive of the municipal assembly submits in order to vote, individually, each of the proposals. To become included, they should have more than 1 / 2 of the favorable votes of the delegates existing. ”

Organized with the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba, this action is section of the general election process being performed by the Caribbean nation.

Between Jan. 22 and 03 10, those nominated will begin around municipalities to meet locals prior to the 03 11 elections by the Council associated with State.

The selection season will reach its pinnacle on April 19, when the Nationwide Assembly of People’s Power may vote for the president of the Local authorities of State and Ministers from the Republic.