Cuban tourism grows 23 percent within first half of 2017

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) — Cuban minister of tourism Manuel Marrero has reported that, within the first six months of 2017, nearly 2 . 7 million tourists went to the island, for a 23. two percent growth compared to last year.

Marrero said Canada, the largest resource market of tourists for Cuba, is recovering its numbers, which usually went down in 2016. Meanwhile, the united states market grew 150 percent, even though American citizens need special licences to go to the island.

Some other markets also showed increases, which includes Spain, France, Italy and Indonesia.

According to Marrero, profits for the country from tourism are usually about $1. 5 billion within the first six months, a nine % increase compared to the same period this past year.

Among the factors that will helped this growth, the ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) noted that new airlines opened up routes to Cuba, such as 1 from Turkey, and others increased their own flight frequency, such as Air Europa and Air France.

If the trend continues, the Cuban ministry of tourism expects that will over 4. 7 million individuals will travel to the island this season, half a million more than forecast — a 16. 5 percent increase.

The upward trend enables the country to hope to break the particular five million tourists a year tag in 2018, and in order to do this it needs to increase very quickly the amount of resorts, restaurants and complementary services within the next months.

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