Cuban Doctors Honored to Carry on Che' ersus Legacy in La Higuera, Bolivia

A group of Cuban doctors who are doing work in La Higuera, Bolivia, where innovative leader Ernesto “Che” Guevara has been killed, say they work to maintain his spirit alive as a physician and as a revolutionary.

You Can Now Tour Che Guevara’s Final Steps

“Working as physicians today in La Higuera indicates keeping alive Che’s legacy within the last corner of the Earth where he had been alive, ” Aniuska Pereira, among the doctors said.

Pereira is a nurse from the Cuban Healthcare Brigade working in Bolivia, providing health care to marginalized populations high in the particular Andes.

She mentioned the community doesn’t have electricity and they utilize a power plant to keep the clinic running, where they bring totally free care to about a hundred individuals.

La Higuera is situated about 60 kilometers south from the city of Vallegrande in the department associated with Santa Cruz, at more than two, 000 meters above sea degree. There, in a small adobe school, Che was killed on Oct. nine, 1967, by the Bolivian military

“We never thought we would maintain the place where Che died, ” Pereira said. “It is an honor to keep his example and the teachings associated with internationalism we learned from the guerrilla and Comandante Fidel Castro. inch

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In 1966, Che launched the guerrilla movement in the South United states country aimed at overthrowing the right-wing military regime of Rene Barrientos.

After months associated with fighting against the U. S. -trained and supported Bolivian Army, Che was captured and executed when justin was 39 after refusing to reveal information while being interrogated.

A day later, Che’ t body was displayed to worldwide media with Bolivian Army soldiers. It is widely believed that Barrientos’ regime was instructed by the CIA to hunt down and kill the best choice of the Cuban Revolution.

He was then secretly smothered in the small town of Vallegrande. Several towns and cities within Bolivia’ s southeast have given that created memorials along the “ Ruta del Che, ” or Che’s route.