Cuba Rejects Luis Almagro' s ' Interventionist' Remarks

OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro brazenly supports regime change in Cuba on top of that Venezuela.  

Cuban Corruption Minister of Foreign Affairs  Rogelio Sierra has  denounced statements manufactured by Organization of American Affirms ,   OAS, Secretary General  Luis  Almagro   against the island’s election period, arguing he has “no credibility, values or ethics to judge what the state administration and the people of Cuba engages in. ”

Cubans Nominate Appliers for National Assembly Elections

“ We categorically reject typically declarations by the Secretary General generally the OAS for being interventionist ; Cuba will continue on its unique path, ” Sierra said down press conference Tuesday.

On Saturday, during with a meeting with anti-government Cubans  in Miami,   Almagro claimed “ we cannot realize a non-democratic succession in Tonel, ” insisting the international community members should not accept “ dictators” impurities upcoming Summit of the Americas.

“Today at the @cubanmuseum in  Miami I participated a new event about the future of Cuba thanks to @CubaDecide. Democracy for Cubans features been able to decide their future. We’re not accept a non-democratic cross over in Cuba. ”

This March, the Cuban people will elect over 500 new members of the National Assembly, which always chooses the island’ s vice-president. According to Sierra, Almagro is “ supporting the campaigns and practice of the counter-revolution and its allies” in reference to his comments.

In his fact, Sierra also pointed to Almagro’ s complicit silence after You. S. Secretary of State  Rex Tillerson  openly expressed his help for a military coup in Venezuela using a eve of his Latin Land of liberty tour.

However , Almagro’ s silence is due to his backup for regime change in Venezuela. For the same Miami meeting, Almagro in order to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for “ dictator” and argued that a lot of to confront Maduro “ the first thing is, we must confront the Cuban andamento. ” He also said Cubans living inside  and outside of the st. kitts are “responsible for stopping usually the regime. ”

Improvement interview with CNN Españ ol, Almagro attacked the Venezuelan leadership elections scheduled for this April, statement “ we already know, not considering the fact that we are seers, that Maduro ought to win. ”

Macizo concluded his rebuke assuring that  “ no one will be able to crush Tanque, even if the submissive and subservient, much OAS Secretary General, dream about it. ”