Cuba Celebrates 50 Years Since Vietnam Tet Offensive

“We will always remember that phrase of the precious leader Fidel Castro: ‘For Vietnam, Cuba is willing to give our very own blood, ‘” said the Vietnamese ambassador.

Cuba is celebrating  50 years because the 1968 Tet Offensive –   the coordinated attack by the Northern Vietnamese People’s Army that designated the beginning of the end of U. Ersus. intervention in the Southeast Asian country.


Vietnam Commemorates 50 Many years Since Tet Offensive

Vietnamese Ambassador to  Cuba  Nguyen Trung Thanh  talked at the event, held at the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Individuals (ICAP) in Havana, saying the particular offensive was a triumph supported from the Cuban people and government.

“The Vietnamese people at all times received the unconditional support from the peoples of the world, especially the particular brotherly Cuban people, ” stated the diplomat. “We will always keep in mind that phrase of the beloved leader Fidel Castro: ‘For Vietnam, Cuba is usually willing to give our own blood. ‘”

In 1963, the particular Committee of Solidarity with Southern Vietnam was founded in Cuba.   “Cuba was one of the first countries to identify the National Liberation Front associated with South Vietnam, ”  opening a good embassy and appointing an ambassador on the island, Thanh said.    

ICAP Chief executive Fernando Gonzalez said  the Tet Offensive “put world public viewpoint against the war with our Vietnamese siblings demonstrating their greatness on the battleground. ”

The late 1960s offensive, named after the Lunar Brand new Year celebrated on Jan. thirty, was certainly one of biggest military attacks launched by the communist North Vietnamese People’s Army against the South Vietnamese Army of the Republic of Vietnam, U. S. forces, and their particular allies.

Washington has been shocked by the attack and authorities reportedly said “ communists simply won’ t quit” after the shock operation.

More than eighty, 000 northern soldiers and Viet Cong fighters took part within the attacks, which  increased the anti-war movement in the United States, prompting the United States to ultimately pull out of the war a few years later on.

The particular Vietnam War, known as the American Battle among Vietnamese individuals, killed an estimated 2 . 5 mil northern fighters and 58, 1000 U. S. servicemen, along with several three million civilians.